Marie Crow

The purpose of the Membership Enhancement Program is

to ensure that GWRRA members at every level in the organization have an enjoy-able experience while participating in the many opportunities GWRRA provides. To make a long story short…we want you to have FUN!


We all joined GWRRA because of our love of motorcycling,

and that’s certainly a primary focus of the organization.

And our many Chapters around the globe contribute to the

joy of riding by connecting us with like-minded individuals

and creating a network of family so that—no matter where you go—you always have friends nearby. Imagine having a worldwide family that is just waiting to welcome you home, wherever that may be—it’s a great feeling!

Our GWRRA events, from the Chapter level all the way up

to Wing Ding, are designed to provide everyone with FUN opportunities that include exciting rides, social gatherings

and educational opportunities. And that that feeling of family, of belonging, of more opportunities to have FUN…that is what the Membership Enhancement Program is all about!



Our goals for the Membership Enhancement Program are to:


  • Participate with Region, District, and Chapter directors to assist in creating the FUN portion of GWRRA’s vents

  • Ensure that we stay in touch with our current members and have our MEP representatives at every level take the time to really get to know our GWRRA family members better—the better we know one another, the more FUN we can have!

  • Contact new and prospective members to give them information about GWRRA and encourage them to have FUN with us

  • Track successful FUN ideas and share them with MEP staff at every level of the organization

  • Provide information to GWRRA leadership to assist them in planning and making informed decisions about GWRRA’s direction


While the Chapter Directors are known as the “FUN Directors”,

our Chapter Membership Enhancement Coordinators can support the “FUN Directors” by becoming the “FUN Experts”. They are the folks you can talk with about ideas for increasing the FUN in your Chapter life—and don’t be surprised if you end up becoming more involved as a result! Remember – the more you participate, the more FUN there is to be had!

Recruiting & Retention Program


The Recruiting and Retention segment of the Membership Enhancement Coordinator (MEC) position is not only important, but can also be a very FUN mission for the MEC. It not only strengthens the GWRRA organization, but also provides the MEC with the opportunity to assist the Chapter in becoming a vital, vibrant, and FUN place to be.


The Recruiting and Retention function ensures that:


  • All new and prospective members are contacted in a way that lets them know how special they are to us. Contacts made by the Membership Enhancement Coordinators are often the first opportunity that many new and prospective members have to fully explore all of the benefits of GWRRA membership. From the MEC’s perspective, it is a fantastic opportunity to get to know new members who have taken the first step to becoming part of the GWRRA family. The MEC has the opportunity to assist each member in becoming comfortable with entry into Chapter life and guide them as they discover their path within the organization.

  • Our members have an experience that keeps them coming back again and again. Individuals join the organization and come to GWRRA gatherings for many different reasons. Our Membership Enhancement Coordinators have the opportunity to make our gatherings, rides, rallies FUN and enjoyable. When our members see how much FUN participating can be, they are more likely to step up and serve the organization as volunteer leaders and talk about their experiences to other individuals outside of the organization. This can create an influx of new members who come to see what the FUN is all about.


We are so very thankful for all of our Membership Enhancement Coordinators – we wouldn’t be where we are as an organization without you! As members of the officer team, your efforts contribute to the recognition of GWRRA as the “Gold Standard” of motorcycle organizations.