“Friends for Fun, Safety, & Knowledge"




Friends for Fun, Safety, & Knowledge”


January is a month of so many changes and starting a New Year together. Hopefully, for those of you who don’t come all the time, that you realize what you’re missing out on. Because, by not coming, you do not have a voice in what we do.  Or by participating, you help us choose for what we do for charities, for rides, and other chapter activities. And if you read my article, and hopefully, everybody appreciates what we are trying to do.


For those new folks in the Chapter, we host the event to put money into our treasury to keep us going all year. At our event we will  have set up and tear down, a 149449-01 registration table, games, ticket givers, 50/50, and more. Everyone is important to the Chapter and to help keep the Chapter as one.

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